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Our Village Says....

"I cannot put words to explain what Jacquelyn has provided for my family and I. Her deep commitment to kids and families is deeply rooted in how she walks in the world.

The involvement of families as well as her involvement in our children’s life has been irreplaceable. Jacquelyn not only teaches and coaches the kids but she also loves them as if they are one of hers.

I think one of the greatest assets that Jacquelyn brings to the table is her consistency. We all know that consistency is something we all need in order to thrive, and she has displayed a level of consistency that has yet to be matched.

Positive, loving, caring, thoughtful and a great listener are only a few of the gifts she brings to the world."

Drew Holguin, Portland, Or.

"Working with Jacquelyn over the past year has been life changing for me. Coming through the pandemic, and needing to adapt to the new world I found it challenged me in ways I wasn’t equipped to navigate on my own, and slipping into a dark space where I no longer felt like myself.  Along with the benefits my new work-from-home life brought, came feelings of isolation and withdrawal.  On top of that, I was entering a new phase in my personal life that led me to some pretty deep soul searching.  I realized I needed help! 

As part of my faith in God, I was reminded that He gives us people for our lives.  From the moment I reached out to Jacquelyn, I felt immediately supported and affirmed.  No judgment.  Just compassion, lots of patience, and probably most importantly in my book…grace. 
She’s so excellent in modeling these traits towards me and others, as well as encouraging me to extend grace to myself.  She’s helped me remember parts of myself I had all but forgotten, and continues to coach me through learning and developing new life skills that support achieving my personal goals. 

As women, we wear many hats, often all at the same time…mother, spouse/partner, daughter, grandma, friend, aunty, career professional and more!  It can be a lot, to say the least.  I needed to partner with someone who had the life experience, training, professionalism and heart for helping people that I would feel safe with…someone I could trust in one of my most vulnerable moments in life.  I’m so thankful to be able to say that I’ve found that in Jacquelyn.  I’m grateful for the journey we’ve taken over this past year, and excited for the growth in the journey ahead!"


"Jacquelyn has been a constant in our lives for over 20 years. She has effortlessly shown a love and commitment to our children through the care she gave as a provider and teacher. Her genuine love and support for the many life events has been a lifeline.

She teaches and supports through demonstration of self love and respect for herself, her home and family. She and her family have been a blessing to me and mine. I’m so happy to have been divinely connected to her."


"I have known Jacquelyn since I was a child. She has always been there for me, supporting me, rooting me on, and occasionally checking me and bringing me back to reality.

Jacquelyn is the best listener I know. She is consistent and encouraging while remaining neutral and understanding.

Jacquelyn has helped me through various ups and downs in life from teenage issues, to family issues, to relationship issues, to being a new mom. Through it all she has been my rock, there to listen, prescribe advice when needed, and most importantly never judging.
She is genuine with her responses and always keeps it real.

I appreciate her more than words can thoroughly express. No matter what I am going through, I know Jacquelyn will always be there for me and my family."

Mariah, Portland

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